These policies are based on SPCA principles

Hot Wire Classifieds (HWC) Pets section exists to help the community find safe, caring homes for pets. All ads placed in the Hot Wire Classifieds Pets section must comply with the HWC Pets Code of Practice.
Hot Wire Classifieds encourages, where possible, the desexing of animals prior to rehoming/adoption. Hot Wire Classifieds requires all pet owners to have their animals vet checked and vaccinated. All cats and dogs must be microchipped before they are advertised on Hot Wire Classifieds, even though this is not mandatory in some other regions. If you post your ad and it doesn’t comply with our policies, your ad will be removed and your access to the site could be restricted.

For advice on responsible pet ownership, please see our HWC Guide to Responsible Pet Ownership.

The Hot Wire Classifieds Pets section is NOT intended to facilitate uncontrolled or irresponsible breeding, irresponsible commercial pet trading, trade of dogs or any other animal for the purpose of fighting or stud services. Any ads reported to us for promoting this kind of activity will be removed. Users are responsible for complying with the HWC policies about adopting, buying or selling a pet and posting an ad on Hot Wire Classifieds.

Hot Wire Classifieds is a community site and we rely on your feedback to keep the site friendly and safe. We like to think of it as you, the Hot Wire Classifieds community, ’policing’ the site and keeping out the bad guys. So, on each ad you will find a ’Report ad’ button. You can use this button to report ads which you believe promote uncontrolled/unsafe/unethical/irresponsible breeding practices and we will take a look.

When you report an ad, please send through all information you have about the ad (ideally the ad number), the email address of the advertiser and reasons why you believe the ad breaches the HWC policies. We can then review the information and decide if we can take the ad down with the information provided. If you have concerns about the welfare of an animal you should also report this to your local SPCA Inspectorate.

Advertising reptiles (turtles, snakes, crocodiles and lizards) and amphibians (toads and frogs) is prohibited by law in some regions. Department of Environment clearly states that you are not allowed to advertise to buy or sell animals, except in the newsletters of the reptile or frog keeper associations to which you personally belong. Reptiles and amphibians cannot be advertised in certain locations on Hot Wire Classifieds.

It’s important for pet adopters, buyers and sellers to read our code of practice and responsible pet ownership policies to identify and report non-compliant pet owners to Hot Wire Classifieds and the relevant authorities.

In our continuous commitment to animal welfare, animal rights and responsible pet ownership, we have the following pet policies:

Policies for all Posters

  1. Although some states don’t require it, dogs and cats put up for adoption or sale on The Hot Wire must be microchipped, vaccinated and vet checked. If your ad does not comply with these requirements it will be removed and your access to The Hot Wire may be restricted. Buyers of cats and dogs should be provided with documentation confirming microchipping, vaccination status and vet check. The breeder/seller should be permanently recorded on the microchip register so they can be identified and traced from each individual cat or dog. As a buyer, if you notice an ad which you believe does not meet these requirements please report it to us by using the ‘Report Ad’ button within the ad.
  2. It is a legal and site requirement that all dogs and cats advertise must include the full microchip number as outlined by the Department of Primary Industries – Microchip Details now needed in Cat/Dog Sale Advertisements – as a buyer if you notice an ad for a pet without the necessary details please report it to us by using the ‘Report Ad’ button within the
  3. Pets can only be advertised in compliance with the HWC policy. All ads should utilize the date function to state age/date of birth. Animals must be of a certain age before they are adoptable/available for rehoming/sale, (although posting your ad before they are 8 weeks old is ok).
    • All young animals should be self-sufficient – i.e. they must be able to feed themselves independently
    • Cats and Dogs: must be at least 8 weeks old
    • Rabbits: must be at least 6 weeks old
    • Guinea Pigs, Mice and Rats: must be at least 4 weeks old
    • Birds: must be fully feathered
    • No holding deposits allowed
    • Ferrets: must be at least 10 weeks old
  4. Frequency of breeding should be based on veterinary advice. Breeding females should not be made to breed more than once a year, this is considered unhealthy
  5. Remember to practice good biosecurity. Biosecurity regulations apply when buying and moving some animals. Check your regions animal movement requirements before purchasing an animal, especially if moving the animal across country.