Veterinary Care

As soon as possible, choose a veterinarian and veterinary hospital and take a practice drive to the nearest emergency veterinary clinic. Trying to find it when you really need it can waste precious time. Also, learn basic pet first aid.
Before getting a pet it’s important to consider if you will have the following;

  • Time to look after a pet. Pets take up a considerable amount of time, make sure you have enough time each day to interact, care, exercise, socialize, feed and provide company and attention to your pet.
  • Finances – pets are an expensive addition to the family. Make sure you will be able to afford the upfront costs and ongoing costs of food, grooming, equipment and veterinary care. Are you financially prepared for any unforeseen veterinary emergencies?
  • Appropriate housing situation now and into the future – do you have suitable housing for a new pet? Are you allowed to keep pets at your place? If you have to move house will you be able to take your pet with you? If you have to go away, either travelling or if you’re sick or injured – who will look after your pet for you?
  • Compatible Lifestyle. It is important to consider whether your lifestyle is compatible with caring for a pet.  Working hours, a busy social life and taking regular trips away from home are all factors that need to be considered before becoming a pet owner.